Tips to stay on track for those working from home for the first time…

I think by now, everyone knows what Coronavirus is and how it is affecting our world.

With over 185,000 cases and 7,000+ deaths, companies are closing their offices to reduce the spread of infections and advising employees to work from their home to avoid contact with other people as much…

Domain buying Handbook

Things you should know before buying your next domain name for your website/business.

How do you find the perfect domain for your website? And how do you avoid the common mistakes many domain owners make?

To help you with the domain buying process, I have published this handbook… So whether you are going to buy a domain for the first time or you…

Simple but effective lessons from my first year of freelancing.

In the last year, I have worked with multiple clients and learned a lot of things in freelancing from pitching to clients to project management and accounting.

I believe freelancing will go bigger and more significant in the next few decades as companies are now adapting to remote teams, and…

Saksham Kumar

Freelance Web Designer, WordPress Expert, SEO and Marketer. Portfolio @

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